Just Couples

JUST COUPLES’ is a gathering of a large number of couples (married people) from all works of life, different religionsJust Couples' Logo and ministries, corporate bodies and organizations. It is a non-religious/denominational fellowship, specially designed and packaged for couples like you: real people, real relationship with real expectations.


To Revive, Restore and Renew Marriage And Family Values.


Provide a platform for educating, motivating, challenging, supporting and rewarding couples.


  • Trans-Denominational
  • Practical
  • Informal
  • Personalised Ministrations
  • Love Retreats

In many marriages, certain questions and comments reoccur regularly either privately or sometimes publicly: “I didn’t bargain for this; he (she) just changed; I don’t know who can help us; somebody is in-between us; for how long will things continue like this;” and so on. In some others, it’s either the in-law or relatives questions; the expectation of a child; the pressure of work and all forms of responsibilities; or even financial challenges. Only in quite a few do we experience true bliss and fervent marital harmony on a consistent basis.

Just Couples is designed for all such as a haven of rest, hope, succour, inspiration and support in an atmosphere of mutually beneficial and very mature interaction. We look forward to your presence, as we become a blessing to one another and to many others who need our wisdom, grace and wealth of experience in love, building a lifetime relationship and a formidable family.

Yours in celebration of Marital Harmony,


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