Shape Empowerment Foundation

SEF is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and faith-based organization with a vision to add value to society and find ways to improve the standard of human life.SHAPE Empowerment Logo2


Adding value to society while enhancing the quality of human life


“To make an impact in all areas of human life”

Our mission is to  is to provide social solutions to all areas of life; to provide support and encouragement for distinguished people in their various fields of endeavor; to provide medical aid and health solutions to underdeveloped communities; to provide aids and assistance in various forms to communities experiencing challenges due to natural disasters or poor socio-economic growth; to alleviate poverty by providing skills for men and women in order to be self reliant; to provide entrepreneurial training for young businesses, helping them to start up, providing supervisory roles and offering advice where required; empowering young people by providing educational intervention programs for both students and teachers.


  1. Social Solutions
  2. Health Hospitality
  3. Aids Assistance
  4. Productivity Promotion
  5. Educational Enhancement


  1. Pst Philip Igbinijesu
  2. Pst Oluremi Opaleye
  3. Pst Chukwuma Eboagwu
  4. Minister Patrick Uhaegbu


  1. Philip Igbinijesu – Executive Director
  2. Patrick Uhaegbu – Manager, Legal
  3. Solomon Audu – Manager, Field Operations
  4. Deji Balogun – Manager, Communications
  5. Biodun Bamidele – Manager, Training
  6. Jonah Eromoh – Manager, Research and Development
  7. Morolayo Idowu – Manager, Administration


  1. Rejoice Nigeria Project: SEF has successfully hosted two editions of the Rejoice Nigeria Awards Ceremonies. The event takes place in October of every year to mark the independence celebration of Nigeria. The highlight of the event is the celebration and presentation of Distinguished Public Service Awards to Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in their areas of expertise through a show of diligence, passion and dedication to work. Our focus sectors for the awards were the educational sector, the health sector and the public force.
  1. Medical Assistance: SEF provided medical assistance and supplies to the ….. community in 2011.
  1. Leadership Trainings: Through our Leadership Development Institute and in partnership with the King’s Daughters and the Institute for National Transformation, we have held several leadership training programs and entrepreneurial development programs. Our last leadership training program held between the 15th and 19th of November. At the end of the training the participants go through a written test to evaluate their understanding of the training and are presented with certificates of participation. They are also followed up in their various fields to ensure continued productivity.
  1. Community Service: Through our Bless the Needy initiative, we have provided food and other household supplies to communities in Sangotedo.
  1. Educational Enhancement: In partnership with the King’s Daughters, we have helped develop curriculums and extra-moral curriculums for primary schools. Also through our Scholarship scheme and in partnership with Pottersville Nursery and Primary Schools, we have been able to provide for and sustain over 40 students on scholarships in Warri, Delta State.


  1. The King’s Daughters.
  2. Institute for National Transformation.

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